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To protect the assets of Frederick County from unnecessary and controllable losses by providing a safe workplace for our employees and eliminating hazards to the public on county property. The primary goal of Risk Management is to reduce losses and to control the cost of those which do occur. When identified, exposures are addressed through loss control techniques, training and education, and transfer of risk.

We accomplish our mission by:

  • Responding to citizen reports of accidents or incidents that occur on county property or involve county employees or equipment.
  • Procuring insurance to cover county projects and ensuring vendors the county works with have adequate coverage.
  • Training employees in all aspects of workplace safety.
  • Handling employee workers' compensation claims.

Have an accident or incident to report?

To report an accident or incident to Risk Management for investigation, fill out and submit the Citizen Injury or Property Damage Report, This form pertains to injury and property damage issues.

Call Risk Management at 301-600-1425 or 240-315-4479 if serious injury or property damage is involved.

See the FAQS tab if you have additional questions about what types of incidents you should report using the Citizen Incident Report Form.

Have a HIPAA privacy complaint?

To report an incident in which you think your health information privacy rights were violated, please complete the HIPAA Privacy Complaint Form.