Flame Effects Before an Audience

  1. General
  2. Additional Provisions
  3. Approval Requirements
  4. Penalties
  5. Use of Flame Effects

General Information

The use of flame effects before an audience presents itself with the potential for a high degree of risk to persons and property. The Frederick County Office of the Fire Marshal (Fire Marshal) wants to assure that these types of activities are conducted in a safe manner and in compliance with established codes and regulations.

Flame effects include the combustion / burning of any solid, liquid, or gas to produce thermal, physical, visual, or audible phenomena before an audience.

The use of these flame effects must be approved by the Fire Marshal prior to any use.

Fire Prevention Code

The Fire Marshal utilizes the requirements of the Maryland State Fire Prevention Code, and the Frederick County Fire Prevention Code when approving the use of flame effects before an audience, specifically, NFPA 1, Fire Code: and NFPA 160, Standard for the Use of Flame Effects Before an Audience.


Failure to comply with the requirements of the Frederick County Fire Prevention Code is considered to be a civil fire code infraction. A $500 civil fine may be imposed for each infraction.