Division of Volunteer Fire & Rescue Services (DVFRS)

The Division of Frederick County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services (DVFRS), also known as Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services, provides administrative and training oversight to the 25 individual Volunteer fire and rescue corporations of the county in partnership with the Frederick County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association and participative management with the Division of Frederick County Fire and Rescue (DFRS) as a combination fire and rescue system.  

It is the goal of DFRS is to work alongside of the volunteer departments to enhance the service through staffing and fiscal resources.  The volunteers are the mainstay of the system and their dedication, service and commitment allow for efficient and cost-effective fire & rescue throughout Frederick County.  

There are currently thirty stations located throughout the county with 21 housing career and volunteer personnel 24 hours a day.  Two volunteer station with career support 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, and four stations that utilize 100% volunteer staffing.  Frederick County is the largest county in Maryland covering over 663 square miles.  To protect the citizens and property over this large span of area, more than 2000 volunteers dedicate their free time to the success of the fire and rescue service.

DVFRS manages the volunteer recruitment of new volunteers entering the service.  

Gear Up is designed to taking the first step in showing your interest in becoming a Frederick County Volunteer Firefighter! There are many ways you can make a difference as a volunteer including firefighting, rescue, EMS or administrative services.  

For more information on how to become a volunteer member, contact our Volunteer Recruiter at www.GearUpFireRescue.com or visit your nearest volunteer firehouse and speak to the company membership chairperson to fill out your application. 

Keep in mind this process takes time, effort and hard work. With the right motivation, you can be on your way to serving your community in the front lines.

We wish you the best of luck on your future as a first responder. We look forward to seeing you in the station or out on the streets serving our community.

Welcome to the team.  GEAR UP and join the Excitement!

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Why Volunteer?

    Have you ever heard a siren or seen a fire engine – and wondered what was happening?

    Have you ever witnessed or come upon a motor vehicle accident – and wished you could 

    Have you been there when someone was stricken with sudden illness – and wanted to 

    Are you looking for new lifelong friendships, challenges and rewards?

    Do you want to become involved in your community?

The fire and EMS service is one of the most diverse and challenging vocations today. It is this diversity that attracts most men and women to join our volunteer ranks.

Different people volunteer for different reasons. Action oriented people enjoy the excitement and adrenaline rush that emergency services has to offer. Some see the volunteer fire service as an alternative to ‘driving a desk by day’ – by allowing them to ‘drive a fire truck at night!’

Volunteering in emergency services is one of the most important decisions you may make. We hope that you give this decision the time and serious consideration it deserves and decide to join our ranks. 

Join today!  www.GearUpFireRescue.com

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