Frederick County Government offers a comprehensive benefits package which includes:


County employees have a choice of 2 plans:

  • CIGNA Open Access Plus In-Network (OAPin)
  • CIGNA OAP High Deductible/HSA (OAPHD)

The Open Access Plus In-Network Plan offers benefits through a nationwide network of providers, but does not cover non-emergency services received from providers outside the network. The Open Access Plus High Deductible Health Plan, offers both in-network and non-network coverage after payment of a deductible, and is partnered with a Health Savings Account where pretax dollars contributed by the employee and the County may be saved for medical expenses.

If an employee wishes to enroll in one of these plans, he/she must complete the online enrollment within 30 days from his/her first date of employment or subsequent benefit eligibility. Medical insurance is effective on the first day of employment in an eligible status.


Under the OAPin plan, members receive care from participating providers in the national CIGNA Open Access Plus network. Care received from providers who do not participate in the network is not covered, except in the case of emergency. Referrals are not required to visit in-network specialists. There is a $20 co-pay for physician office visits. Inpatient hospital expenses are covered in full, after paying a $300 copay. Lab and other diagnostic tests are covered at 90% of the approved rate. Prescriptions are $10 for Generic, $30 for Preferred Brand, $50 for Non-Preferred Brand and $75 for Specialty prescription drugs at participating pharmacies. This plan also offers a mail order drug program, and coverage for a complete vision exam through CIGNA Vision.


The OAPHD plan is paired with a Health Savings Account (HSA) where you can make pre-tax contributions to help you pay for medical expenses before reaching the deductible or expenses that aren't by the plan. For plan year 2023, the deductible for in-network providers is $1,500 /individual and $3,000/family. After meeting the deductible, expenses from in-network providers are generally covered at 90% and those from non-participating providers are covered at 80%. Prescription drug benefits are subject to the annual deductible, then pay the same as in the OAPin plan. Vision coverage (see above) is also included in this plan. The County makes a annual contribution to your HSA when you select this plan; $1k for individual coverage and $2k for family coverage.