Driveway Permits


  • New Driveway Apron Off County Roads: Construction of a new driveway apron off of a county road requires an approved driveway permit. All aprons must be constructed using bituminous or reinforced concrete when connecting to a bituminous or reinforced concrete County roadway.
  • New Driveway Aprons With New Proposed Dwelling: When a new driveway apron is associated with a proposed new dwelling, a driveway permit is required as part of the submittal for the Building Permit. A surety is not required or accepted. The driveway apron must be installed and approved prior to issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy for the new dwelling.
  • Stand Alone Driveway Permits: When a new driveway apron is not associated with a Building Permit, a stand alone driveway permit is required with a surety.

Application & Specifications

View the following documents for more specific information:  

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Driveway Policies & Procedures