Fire and EMS Report Requests

  1. Fire
  2. Emergency Medical Services

To request a copy of a fire report, please fill out this online form. 

Types of Reports

There are 2 types of reports that may be available following a fire department response to an incident -- Fire Incident Report and Fire Investigation Summary. 

The Fire Incident Report is completed by fire / rescue personnel to document a fire / rescue response.

When a Fire Investigator is called to an incident to determine the origin and cause of a fire, the investigator will complete a Fire Investigation Report. A Frederick County Fire Investigator does not respond to all fires, therefore, there may be only a Fire Incident Report available. There are times when a fire investigation report will not be released. These time are:

  • Active investigation
  • Identifying confidential informant information
  • Juvenile record
  • Pending criminal prosecution
  • Sensitive nature of the investigation

No Charge

Currently, there is no charge for fire reports and they will be released within 30 days of the request being submitted.

General Request for Information

For general information regarding a specific location, for example environmental incidents or fire report history, please click here to send an email. Please remember to include your name, the address of the property, and your contact information.