Blasting Information

Blasting Requirements
Notify the Agencies Below by Fax Within 24 Hours of Blasting
  • Maryland State Bomb Squad
    Ph: 410-859-7152
  • Frederick County Fire Marshal’s Office
    Ph: 301-600-1479
    Fx: 301-600-2592
  • Your Project Inspector
  • Steve Krone, City Fire Protection Engineer
    Ph: 301-600-3827 (Call only if your project is in the City of Frederick)
    Fx: 301-600-6279
Call Immediately Prior to Blasting
  • Frederick County Emergency Communications: 301-600-1603
Note: As long as the company doing the blasting has a state license through the State Fire Marshal’s Bomb Squad, and as long as the people doing the actual blasting are licensed, no permitting is required. Just notify the above agencies before the blasting takes place.