Highway Operations

  • To develop and maintain county roads network including roadways, bridges, culverts and traffic control and safety programs
  • Develop and perform effective ongoing maintenance for the county’s road and bridge network
  • Oversee any road crossings or borings that would impede traffic flow
  • Work closely with other Frederick County agencies to provide safe travel on all county-maintained roadways


If you have a question, please review list on left blue panel or visit our list of FAQs Frequently Asked Questions (also listed below) to see if you can find your answer. Another source is the Highway Operations Staff Directory or call the main office numbers listed on right.

Road Closures

Please select link for information on Frederick County Road Closures. Roads-Closed

Roads Board

Please select link for information on the Frederick County Roads Board.


To access our DPW work request system, please use our reporting system FCG FixIt