Employer Connection

Employer Connection is the free resource for Frederick County employers interested in improving their employees' commutes to potentially make them less stressful, less expensive, and better for the environment. Whether you have staff who need assistance with long commutes or you have an overflowing parking lot, Employer Connection is your answer.

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Many Frederick companies already take advantage of strategies such as teleworking, compressed work weeks, and vanpooling to save their staff time and money on their commutes while boosting their productivity and morale. Employer Connection can lead your company through the process of starting similar programs or expanding current ones.

Employer Connection is a free program of Transit Services of Frederick County for all companies located in the county. We are also an affiliate of the Commuter Connections program that serves commuters and employers throughout the entire Washington, DC region.

Our Services

Commuter Plan Development

Does your company have a plan that takes into account how your staff gets to and from work? Are commuting options discussed in new employee orientation? Let Employer Connection develop a comprehensive plan to address how your company accommodates your employees as commuters! It could be as easy as helping staff form carpools or subsidizing commutes via Transit or MARC. Regardless, by setting out a specific plan, your company will be able to attract and retain top talent while ensuring more productive staff.


To get started with your formal telework program, please contact Transit Rideshare at transitrideshare@frederickcountymd.gov or call 301-600-RIDE.