Lead Hazard Reduction Grant and Loan Program

Lead Hazard Reduction Grant & Loan Program (LHRGLP)
The Lead Hazard Reduction Grant and Loan Program (LHRGLP) provides funds to assist homeowner and landlords lessen the risk of lead poisoning and preserve the housing stock by reducing or eliminating lead-based paint hazards. Eligible activities include door and window treatment, floor treatments, paint removal, stabilization and repainting, encapsulation, enclosure and specialized cleaning.

Eligible applicants must be a Maryland resident of an owner-occupied property used as the principle residence. Rental properties are also eligible as are licensed childcare facilities. Although there are no income limits for this program, there are other minimum requirements. These requirements include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Units must be in need of lead hazard reduction activity
  • Units must be structurally sound upon completion of lead reduction work
  • Units must be in a targeted census tract to qualify for a grant
  • Rental properties which were built prior to 1950 must be registered with the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Lead Poisoning Prevention Program.

The applicant’s ability to repay the funds will determine if those funds are issued as a grant or a loan. The maximum term on a LHRGLP loan is 20 years.

Lead Hazard brochure.