Grass & Tree Trimming


The Office of Highway Operations’ objective is to provide mowing service along all county roadways and to ensure safe visibility for the traveling public.

Mowing begins in late April and the objective is to mow each road at least once every 4 to 6 weeks. The mowers will make one “pass” 5-feet wide while the vegetation is growing rapidly. They make 2 “passes” during the slower growing summer months.

Boom mowers will be used to mow banks and behind guardrails once or twice a year.

Standard Operating Procedures Tractor and Boom Mowing for Vegetation Control

Tree Trimming Maintenance

Beginning in early December and continuing through mid April, the Office of Highway Operations completes the annual tree trimming and tree maintenance program. Roads are inspected throughout the county and identified for tree trimming. This program addresses over hanging limbs, sight distance issues at road intersections, dead tree removal and scheduled road improvement projects.

Year-Round Maintenance

Tree trimming is not only completed during the winter months. Throughout the remainder of the year, tree issues are identified only when the tree is in full foliage. County highway crews complete tree maintenance, storm damage and trimming all year.

Report Concerns

To report mowing concerns,  low hanging tree limbs, down trees, trimming issues, sight distance issues, storm damage or tree removal, please use the County's reporting tool FCG FixIt or contact us via email or by phone at 301-600-1564.