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Transit-Friendly Design Guidelines 

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide developers, planners, and appointed and elected officials with information about the benefits of transit-friendly design and to encourage the use of design elements that make commercial and residential developments more transit friendly. These guidelines should be used as a reference tool in the preparation and review of development plans, especially for development that will occur in the county's urbanized areas and other areas that will be served by public transportation.

Smart Growth

Transit-friendly design (TFD) integrates land use, zoning, and transportation planning elements to promote higher density, mixed-use development that is easily accessible by various modes of transportation. TFD embraces the concepts of "smart growth" and traditional neighborhood design by encouraging higher-density development in areas with existing public services and by encouraging interconnected street networks. Pedestrian accessibility and street oriented site design are also important elements of TFD. Another important element of TFD is transit-access design, which ensures that development sites are accessible by transit vehicles.

Complete Guidelines

Read the complete guidelines for more information.

Transportation Development Plan -2022

Transportation Development Plan-2015

Golden Mile Enhancement Plan 


Maryland Transportation Plan

The 2040 Maryland Transportation Plan (MTP) establishes a 20-year vision for transportation in the state and provides policy direction through statewide multimodal goals and objectives. The perspectives of transportation users are critical in shaping the MTP. Citizens of Maryland are encouraged to share their thoughts regarding the future of the transportation system.