Tire Disposal

 Scrap Tire Event: 

This event has ended. Thank you to all those who participated! 

Standard Disposal/Recycling of Tires

The State of Maryland banned tires from landfill disposal in 1994. Instead, tires are brought to our 9031 Reichs Ford Road facility and processed for recycling. We collect tires in a specially designated area to be picked up by a contracted vendor. Because of this, tires cannot be mixed in with a load of regular trash, but must be kept separate. 

Maryland law also limits how many tires an individual resident can bring in for processing each year, and applies different regulations to commercial haulers, who are required to apply for special licensing.

Per Maryland law, "Those transporting not more than five scrap tires annually are exempt from the requirement to obtain a scrap tire hauler license."

 This means that an individual resident may bring up to, but not more than, five tires per year to our facility.
(Additional information listed below.)

Policies for Participation

If you are interested in dropping off tires at our facility, please familiarize yourself with our policies:

  • Frederick County businesses and residents may drop off up to five tires per calendar year. Anyone bringing in more than this will need to provide a valid Scrap Tire Haulers License number in order to legally process tires through our facility.  As this is a State regulation, please contact the Maryland Department of the Environment if you need information on obtaining either a one-time waiver for this rule, or, to apply for a Scrap Tire Haulers License. Call 410- 537-3314 or 800-633-6101, extension 3315.
  • The first five tires are processed at our standard tipping fee rates ($0.73 - $0.81 per twenty pounds of material). More than five tires per year will be charged at the commercial tire hauler rate of $164.52 per ton.
  • Tires must be stacked in the designated tire collection trailers, cannot contain waste within them, and will be the only items allowed to be left at the tire collection trailers. Customers must stack tires, laying horizontally/flat, within the tire trailer. Tires cannot be dumped on the ground or thrown into the trailers unstacked.
  • Scrap tires cannot be mixed in with a load of regular trash, but must be kept separate.
  • If tires are discovered within a load of regular waste after a customer/company has dropped off materials at the landfill facility, staff will contact the customer and direct them to immediately return to remove their tires.
  • If the customer/company does not return to remove the scrap tires as requested, they will be billed our standard rate of $0.74 per 20 pounds (residential) or $164.52 per ton (commercial rate), as well as an additional handling charge of $25.00 per tire.
  • Due to space limitations, please notify us prior to delivering loads of 10 or more tires. Leave a message at 301-600-1848. Thank you!

Failure to Abide

Failure to abide by these rules will result in the rejection of all future loads of scrap tires from the customer/company in violation by the Department of Solid Waste Management. Please note that it is a requirement of our Secondary Scrap Tire Collection License to report to the Maryland Department of the Environment entities that attempt to deliver more than 5 tires to our facility annually without a valid Scrap Tire Haulers License.