Tire Disposal

Standard Disposal/Recycling of Tires

Scrap tires have been banned from disposal in Maryland landfills since January 1, 1994. Tires are collected in specially designated areas on our site and processed for recycling through an outside vendor.


If you are interested in disposing of  tires in Frederick County, please familiarize yourself with our Scrap Tire Disposal Policy below. Compliance with this policy ensures compliance with the Department of Solid Waste Management's Solid Waste Disposal Permit and Secondary Scrap Tire Collection Facility License (20013-RSC-09071).
  • Frederick County businesses and residents may dispose up to five tires per calendar year. Anyone bringing in more than this will need to provide a valid Scrap Tire Haulers License number in order to legally dispose of  tires through our facility.  For more information about obtaining a Scrap Tire Haulers License, contact the Maryland Department Of The Environment at 410- 537-3315 or 800-633-6101, extension 3315.
  • The first five tires are processed at our standard tipping fee rates ($0.69 - $0.76 per twenty pounds of material). More than five tires per year will be charged at the commercial tire hauler rate of $160 per ton.
  • Tires must be stacked in the designated tire collection trailers, cannot contain waste within them, and will be the only items allowed to be left at the tire collection trailers. Customers must vertically stack tires (with tires lying horizontal or flat to the trailer floor) within the correct tire trailer. The signage at the trailers indicate (based on size) in which trailer the tires will need to be placed. Tires cannot be dumped on the ground or thrown into the trailers unstacked.
  • Scrap tires must be segregated from regular waste loads.
  • If tires are discovered within a load after a customer/company has dropped off waste at the landfill, transfer station or Citizens Convenience Center, site personnel will contact the customer and direct them to immediately return to remove their tires.
  • If the customer/company does not return to remove the scrap tires as requested, they will be billed our standard rate of $0.69 per 20 pounds (residential) or $160.00 per ton (commercial rate), as well as an additional handling charge of $25.00 per tire.
  • Due to space limitations we require that advance notification and permission be obtained prior to delivering loads of 10 or more tires. Please call and leave a message at 301-600-1848.

Failure to Abide

Failure to abide by these rules will result in rejection of all future loads of scrap tires from the customer/company in violation by the Department of Solid Waste Management. It is a requirement of our Secondary Scrap Tire Collection License to report to the Maryland Department of the Environment companies/individuals that attempt to deliver more than 5 tires to our facility annually without a valid Scrap Tire Haulers License.