Human Relations Department

About the Department

The Frederick County Human Relations Department investigates complaints of illegal discrimination in the areas of employment, housing and public accommodations. It does so in a fair, confidential and timely manner, and fashions appropriate remedies when illegal discrimination is found to exist. It strives to resolve disputes promptly and effectively, and serves as a source for helpful information that may be available elsewhere.

It encourages policies and practices that are fair and just by assisting employers, businesses and individuals to understand and accept gender, racial, religious and other cultural differences. The Human Relations Department enthusiastically participates in a wide array of community events and activities, and constantly works to build bonds and bridges among all sections of our community.

The Human Relations Department responds to inquiries about human rights and discrimination. It diligently serves the needs of the Frederick County Human Relations Commission and helps to provide a responsive forum for the human rights needs of the community.


Monetary donations and office supplies are needed by the Human Relations Department (HRD). All donations are accepted. Currently, the Human Relations Commission (HRC) is accepting monetary donations from the public in the form of co-sponsorship of public events. Checks are preferred, made payable to Frederick County, Maryland with a note in the memo section that the funds are in support of HRC public events. Your generous support of the HRC and HRD are greatly appreciated. All checks should be sent to the:
Human Relations Department
401 Sagner Avenue


Our Mission: To promote equal opportunity, human justice, and multiculturalism in Frederick County.