Community involvement is vital in the life of a young child and their family. Children receive the best care and positive experiences when the adults in their lives are supported by their community, including local businesses and government. 

Positive community support for children and the adults enables those adults to help children build strong brain skills, creating a foundation for lifelong physical and emotional wellbeing. Dedicating resources, time, and money in the lives of young children and their families is an investment. Local businesses and government at the municipal, county, state, and federal levels have the ability to shape and influence the conditions that lead to prosperity and success for the community. 

Parents and caregivers face challenges every day, such as 

  • demanding work schedules
  • high costs of housingbutton_child-care-market-study
  • child care
  • transportation
  • difficulty accessing fresh food and health care
  • a changing economy

This makes it difficult to strike a balance between workplace and family obligations. Some parts of our community are particularly hard hit by these and other barriers, including social isolation, discrimination and racism, and services not offered in their native languages. In order to overcome these barriers, families need external support. Business and government partners coming together to support families and children can make it possible for us to help them overcome these barriers.

By providing resources, promoting policies, and creating family-friendly workplaces that benefit employees who are parenting, local businesses and government agencies can positively impact the lives of children in the community.