Record a Deed

Neither the land records clerks nor any government official in this process will be able to advise you as to whether a new deed is written in a way that accurately accomplishes what you are attempting to achieve. Nor will they be able to determine whether you have the full legal authority to give away any property. That is why it is important, if possible, to consult with an attorney to give you advice and prepare your deed.

How to Record a Deed

Note - Frederick County offers drop off or mail in service for recording a deed.  

Recordation Process: First Steps

  1. Request a Lien Certificate/Tax Status Report from Frederick County by visiting our interactive online site – here
    1. Treasury staff will review your request and return the completed Lien Certificate/Tax Status Report via e-mail.
    2. There is a fee of $20.00 + convenience fee per parcel ID for each Lien Certificate/Tax Status Report requested. Payment is made upon request of Lien Certificate/Tax Status Report.
    3. Charges owed to a municipality are NOT reflected but MUST be satisfied prior to transfer.
  2. Contact the Division of Water and Sewer Utilities at (301) 600-2354 to obtain a completed Property Transfer Request form or a final water/sewer bill. 
    1. All deeds must be reviewed for this requirement. Once verified, the Treasury or Water/Sewer staff will stamp your Maryland Land Instrument Intake sheet signifying this step has been satisfied.
    2. Please make sure either a completed Property Transfer Request form or final water/sewer bill accompanies your deed when submitted.
  3. Complete a Maryland Land Instrument Intake Sheet by visiting the Maryland Judiciary Court website – here.
    1. A completed Maryland Land Instrument Intake Sheet must accompany all deeds (typically completed by the party transferring the property). 
    2. For additional information on how to complete a Maryland Land Instrument Intake Sheet, please visit the Maryland Judiciary Court website – here.
    3. Please make sure the original and three additional copies of the completed Maryland Land Instrument Intake Sheet accompanies your deed when submitted.
  4. Once steps 1 – 3 above have been completed, please submit all required documents along with your original deed to the Treasurer’s Office for review.
    1. Three additional copies of your completed deed will also be needed for recordkeeping purposes by various agencies.

Regulatory Recording Requirements

What we look for when reviewing your document

  1. All real property taxes have to be considered current in order for a property to transfer.
    1. The only exceptions to this rule is for transfers relating to a spouse/former spouse or domestic partner.
  2. Any real property tax account that has a property tax credit on it must be reviewed to see if any/all of the property tax credit will be recaptured.
    1. If it has been determined that your property tax credit is not required to be recaptured, you must obtain a Homeowners’ Tax Credit Recapture Release from the local Maryland State Department of Assessments & Taxation office. The local SDAT office can be reached at (301) 815-5350.
  3. All property zoned Agricultural will need to be reviewed by the local Maryland State Department of Assessments & Taxation office to determine if any Agricultural Transfer Tax is owed.
    1. The local SDAT office will provide you with either an Agricultural Transfer Tax Statement showing the amount of Agricultural Transfer Tax owed, or they will stamp your deed showing no Agricultural Transfer Tax is due.
    2. The local SDAT office can be reached at (301)-815-5350.

Recordation Tax Calculation

  1. Recordation Tax is calculated at a rate of $7.00 per $500 of consideration (rounding the consideration up to the nearest $500 increment).  For example, a consideration of $135,295 would be taxed based on $135,500.
    1. If you feel your deed is exempt from Recordation Tax, please provide citations to the applicable part of the Maryland Annotated Code and case study references supporting your position.

Completing the Recording Process

  1. Once our office has reviewed your submitted document(s), you will receive a phone call or email notifying you that your document has been reviewed and is ready to be picked up and taken to the Clerk of the Circuit Court.
    1. Our standard turn-around time for reviewing each customer’s document(s) is 24-48 business hours from the date of submission.
  2. If the property being transferred is located within the City of Frederick limits (02 election district), the document(s) must also be reviewed by the City of Frederick.
    1. If you prefer, our office can hand deliver your completed document(s) to the City of Frederick for their review prior to being recorded at the Clerk of the Circuit Court (this request should be notated on your drop-off sheet).
      1. All fees for the City of Frederick must be included in your submitted package.
      2. Please contact the City of Frederick at (301) 600-1421 for further information on their requirements for stamping a document prior to being presented for final recording at the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

If you have any further questions or concerns relating to recording a deed in Frederick County, please contact our Recordation Specialist at (301) 600-6718 or e-mail.  Thank you!

Frederick County Treasury Department