Frederick County Stream Survey

The Frederick County Stream Survey continually monitors the condition of our local watersheds and makes this information available to the public. The survey process uses water samples, inventories of plant and aquatic insect populations, and habitat assessments to determine overall ecological health and identify problem areas. 

A “watershed” is an area of land area that channels rainfall and snowmelt into creeks, streams, and rivers and eventually to outflow points such as the Chesapeake Bay and on to oceans. There are five distinct watershed areas in Frederick County. 

  1. First, click on the map below and use our interactive map to locate which watershed you live in. 
  2. Then, return here and click on the fact sheet sample to view a list of all watershed fact sheets and find out your stream's scores!

You can also review more detailed Program Reports that outline how the County collects, analyzes, and depicts the results of the Stream Survey program on an annual basis.

Map of Frederick County Watersheds
Sample image of a stream survey fact sheet.