Hold the Details, Not the Presses

The intersection of journalism ethics and cases of violence against children.

Media reports about cases of child abuse are crucial to raising awareness about a horrible crime. When too many details are revealed, however, young victims may be traumatized again. The unintended impact can be devastating.

Even when victims are not named in the media, children and families may be easily identified. The Child Advocacy Center formed a task force to look at the victims’ concerns. The group included news outlets, law enforcement agencies, public health officials, survivors of childhood abuse, among others. Their research determined that public identification hurts traumatized children, and that children have a right to privacy.

This video was developed in response to their findings. The actors’ words come from interviews of children and parents who are working to heal from the betrayal of trust that is child abuse. The six minutes it takes to watch this video could prevent a lifetime of anguish for a child.

Please share this video with students, colleagues, media outlets and any others who may benefit. 

The Child Advocacy Center would like to thank Kellianne Dubbin for her partnership with Frederick County Government on this production.