Information for Landlords

Information for Landlords

Please be aware that "Source of Income" is a protected class under the Fair Housing Resolutions of Frederick County. By definition, participation in a federal housing assistance program qualifies as "source of income". Therefore, in Frederick County, it is housing discrimination to refuse to rent to a prospective tenant based upon their status as a participant in an assisted housing program.

A rental unit owner becomes part of the HCV Program by successfully initiating a tenancy with a participating program family (no prior registration with Section 8 is needed).

There is a central State website, Maryland Housing Search, which HCV clients are advised to utilize in their search for housing and which landlords are directed to for listing their property. Clients are also told to check newspapers, real estate websites, and to take neighborhood visits to find housing. The choice is theirs and yours. In brief, the tenancy must be approved (e.g., meet rent reasonableness and program tenant income requirements), there is a Unit Inspection and a Lease Addendum that are required by the HCV Program, and a contract is signed between owner and FCDHCD for payment. From there, your rental proceeds as most standard tenancies do.

Please see the link on Information for Property Owners/Managers for more specific information.

For more information about Frederick County's Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8), see Frequently Asked Questions and the Unit Lease Up Process. The Inspection Checklist lists the building areas that are inspected during a Section 8 inspection.
For additional questions, please call (301) 600-1061.

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