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Conceptual Plans for Public Sewer Service in Lewistown

2022 Update: Division of Water & Sewer Utilities details for connection to the Lewistown Public Sewer System, April 2022

The historic community of Lewistown has experienced numerous sewage disposal issues, such as: small lot sizes (resulting in insufficient land available for septic system repair or replacement), poorly drained soils, age of septic systems, and use of sewage holding tanks.

The County identified conceptual plans for a public sewer system in Lewistown to address immediate and long-term public health needs. 

The Plan for Lewistown includes expansion of the existing wastewater treatment plant, establishment of a Sewer Service Area, and sewer category changes of properties within the new Service Area. The Water and Sewerage Plan amendment (WS 15-13) that established the sewer service area and reclassified properties was approved by the Frederick County Council on April 5, 2016. The Maryland Department of the Environment approved Plan amendment WS 15-13 on October 11, 2016. 

PowerPoint Presentation - February 24, 2016

Staff Report - Establishment of Lewistown Public Sewer Service Area

Council Resolution No. 16-09 - Lewistown Public Sewer Service Area Approval

Maryland Department of the Environment Approval of Case WS 15-13