Election Security

Election Security remains at the top of everyone's minds going into the 2020 Elections in Maryland. 

State and local election officials work continuously to protect election systems and data. The systems and data we use are protected by the industry accepted best practices for critical information systems. 

Did you know:

  • Maryland's paper-based voting system is NEVER connected to the internet. This means that there is a paper record of every vote cast, and these ballots can be re-tabulated if needed. Additionally, the network generate the official election results is NEVER connected to the internet.
  • Maryland's voter registration database is secure, and encrypted. The database system is continuously monitored, and audited.
  • Physical access to the network is restricted, and limited to election officials. These officials have had a security background check, and all transactions on the network are logged.

Want to know more about Maryland election security? Check out the Maryland State Board of Elections page on Election Security.