Green Homes Program

The Green Homes Program is designed to help create sustainable households in Frederick County. We are working on expanding access to and awareness of resources provided by local government and community organizations. 

We recognize that not all individuals or households are defined the same or have the same experiences. While open to all, the Green Homes Program especially strives to support communities that have been historically underserved and underinvested.

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How Does it Work?

The Green Homes Program has three main components:

  1. Our Green Compass program provides Community Navigators to assist residents in finding, understanding, and benefitting from local, state, and federal programs and incentives that can help improve their home environment, lower energy costs, and live sustainably. 
  2. The Green Homes Challenge is a guide to sustainable living that provides participants with incentives and defined actions to support saving energy, making environmentally friendly choices, and using renewable energy. 
  3. The goal of our Green Partnerships is to ensure that all Frederick County residents can benefit from sustainable living. By working with local organizations and community stakeholders, we make "going green" more possible for underserved and overburdened communities.

Visit each of our pages to learn more about how you can get involved in the Green Homes Program!

Green Compass

Green Homes Challenge

Green Partnerships