Commuter Choice Maryland

Save on Your Commute Costs

Commuter Choice Maryland is an incentive program that encourages Maryland employees to choose transit or vanpools instead of driving to work. How it works:
  • Each month your employer provides you up to $230 in tax free commuter benefits in the form of a monthly pass or voucher, or
  • You purchase a pass or voucher and pay for it through a pre-tax salary deduction, or
  • Combined option: your employer shares the cost of your monthly commute by transit or vanpool and you pay for the remaining costs using a pre-tax salary deduction

Voucher Details

Commuter Choice vouchers are available in $1, $5, $10, $20, and $64 denominations and are valid toward the purchase of MARC Train tickets and MTA Commuter Bus passes, Transit Link Cards (TLC) and 10-trip tickets. Vouchers can also be used to offset monthly vanpool expenses. Visit the online resource or call 410-767-8755 for more information.