Maryland Recycling Act

State of Maryland law requires all jurisdictions to report the recycling activity that occurs within their boundaries each year. This data is used to generate each county’s overall recycling rate.  Your participation in this process is critical to helping Frederick County achieve the highest recycling rate possible!

Because commercial recyclables are collected by private vendors, our office does not know how much your organization actually recycles unless you report that information. To assist in gathering this data as part of the Maryland Recycling Act (MRA), the Maryland Department of the Environment designed a survey form to help accurately measure annual recycling activity. Each year we mail a copy of this form to local businesses, as well as make it available here.

If your business recycled any portion of its waste between January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016, please provide us with this information using an MRA reporting form.

Recyclable materials that are tracked include:
  • Compostables: mixed yard waste, wood waste, food waste
  • Glass: containers, mixed glass, fluorescent light tubes
  • Metals: cans, scrap, white goods
  • Paper: corrugated cardboard, mixed paper, newspaper, books, phone books, shredded paper
  • Plastic: mixed plastics, films, containers
  • Other Materials: laser toner cartridges, lead-acid batteries, oil filters, wood pallets

The due date to submit this information to the Frederick County Department of Solid Waste Management is:
February 10, 2017.

Completed forms may be mailed to:
Donna Corbus
Dept. of Solid Waste Management
9031 Reichs Ford Road
Frederick, MD 21704

or emailed to:
or faxed to: