Observed Occasions
The following dates are observed each year in conjunction with national observances. Colleges in the area such as Mt. St. Mary's University (Frederick Campus), Hood College and Frederick Community College may offer celebrations to commemorate these occasions.

Observed Occasion
Black History Month
Women's History Month
Fair Housing Month
Older Americans Month, Asian-Pacific American Month
September - October
Hispanic American Month
Disability Awareness Month
October 21
United Nations Day
Native American Month
December 10
Universal Declaration of Human Rights Anniversary (signed 1948)

Fort Detrick Events
Fort Detrick, here in Frederick County, has monthly observances and other activities throughout the year, which are open to the community. Contact Deborah Eyer with the Equal Employment Opportunity Office at 301-619-2636.

For More Information
The Frederick County Human Relations Commission may sponsor or co-sponsor educational programs regarding diversity,disability issues, sexual harassment, heritage or community celebrations. Call the Human Relations office to determine what is being planned for the year.