Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (AFPO)

APFO Guidelines for the Preparation of Traffic Impact Analyses

School Construction Fees

Active Escrow Map

Toward Zero Deaths Initiative

Toward Zero Deaths and Action Policy

Towards Zero Deaths and 10 Priority Action Items - Final

Complete & Green Streets

Complete and Green Streets Policy

Complete and Green Streets Plan - Final

Bicycle and Pedestrian

Access information about bicycle and pedestrian facilities, organizations, and planning in Frederick County.

Bikeways and Trails Plan Map

Bikeways and Trails Plan (2018)


Access documents related to the annual state and local process of prioritizing the funding of transportation projects.


Access information about transportation projects happening in the county.


Access information about transportation related organizations.

Plans and Documents

Access local and regional transportation planning documents and studies including bicycle and pedestrian, transit, highway and small area documents.