MAP: Maryland Access Point

Maryland Access Point of Frederick County (MAP) is a trusted source of information and assistance for Frederick County residents 
who need or want to plan for their immediate and future needs. 
MAP serves adults 50 years and older, adults 18 years and older with 
a disability, family members and other caregivers, and health or business professionals. 

  1. Program Overview
  2. Veterans Resources
  3. Housing Resources
  4. Senior Call Check
  5. Legal Assistance
  6. Contact Us
  7. Helpful Websites

Guidance for Assistance and Benefits

  • Provide you with information and assistance
  • Evaluate your potential eligibility for public benefit programs
  • Respond to both your immediate concerns and long-range needs
  • Identify public and private benefits that may best meet your needs

Referrals to Programs and Services

  • Help you develop options to remain in the community
  • Help you balance needs, wants, and resources
  • Refer you to local, state, and federal programs and benefits

Plan for the Future

  • Help you identify your strengths, needs, and preferences
  • Help you make informed decisions
  • Help you assess costs, services, and service providers

Monthly Presentations 

Through the Virtual Senior Center, representatives from MAP give presentations about a specific program or service. Please refer to the centers’ monthly calendar for dates and times.