Interagency Information Technologies

IIT Mission and Values

The mission of the Interagency Information Technologies (IIT) Division is to leverage technology to facilitate the delivery of County government services in a cost-effective, timely, high-quality, and secure manner

The Interagency Information TECHnologies Division upholds the following core values in serving the division, agencies, and citizens of Frederick County:

  • Transparency

      IIT conducts all activities with the highest levels of respect, honesty,   fairness, and transparency.
  • Excellence

    IIT strives to consistently deliver innovative solutions in a timely, secure and cost effective manner.
  • Citizen Focused

      IIT continuously aligns its efforts and resources to meet the needs of all county stakeholders and their business requirements.
  • Helpful

      IIT builds positive and collaborative relationships with our colleagues, partners and customers.


Frederick County monthly website statistics: this information includes popular pages, site search keywords, city, counties and countries that access the website, return visit count and device type visits including desktop, smartphone and tablets.

Digital Counties Winner

Frederick County awarded 3rd place in the National Digital Counties Survey 2018.