Trash Removal

Frederick County Government does not provide trash pickup service.  Please contact your municipality's town office, or your home owners association for information on trash pickup in your area. If you do not live within a municipality or do not have a home owners association, you will need to contact a local private trash hauling service.

Appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, stoves, etc. can be brought to the recycling center located at 9031 Reichs Ford Road, Frederick MD free of charge during normal business hours.  Recycling Information.

Residents living within an incorporated municipality's town limits should contact that town to inquire about their bulk pick-up program.

Trash on Roadway

To report large items on a County Road (such as furniture, bed mattress, tires, etc.), please call 301-600-1564 or use the County's reporting tool FCG FixIt.  If item is causing a hazardous situation, please call Emergency Dispatch at 301-600-1603.