Water & Wastewater Maintenance

  1. Miss Utility

The Division of Water and Sewer Utilities (DWSU) is a member of "Miss Utility" (email http://www.missutility.net) which is a member of a "One-call system" that allows a person to notify the DWSU of planned excavation or demolition by calling 1-800-257-7777 or 811, or via an interactive ticket request system. By doing so, it protects DWSU's underground facilities from destruction, damage, or dislocation to prevent: (1) death or injury to individuals; (2) property damage to private and public property; and (3) the loss of services provided to the general public.

If you have questions about our service, please contact 301-600-2187.

Please note that Frederick County Division of Water and Sewer Utilities locators only mark Frederick County owned or operated water and sewer lines and do not mark private lines.

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