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A listing of local information to help residents recycle more and waste less! Only events marked as "DSWR" (Division of Solid Waste and Recycling) are programs organized by our staff. All others listings are for community events or other agencies. Know of an upcoming event that can help residents waste less or recycle more? Let us know! Email your event info to recycle@frederickcountymd.gov.

2023 Residential Scrap Tire Event: 

October 21st- October 28th (Or until the State Of Maryland Limit of 85.4 tons is reached)

Who: Residents of Frederick County. No commercial tires or vehicles will be accepted. 

Where: 9031 Reichs Ford Road, Frederick, Maryland 21704. Residents will cross scale-house via Entrance Road, provide proper identification, and follow signs to the tire drop-off site. 

Limits: Residents can recycle up to 10 tires from passenger vehicles and light trucks that do not exceed 33" during this event. In the case that tonnage is reached during this event, notification will be displayed here and on our social media. 

Click Here to Find the Event Flyer


DSWR Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Event

Join us Saturday, May 4th, 2023
8 am until Noon 

LOCATION: 21 Stadium Drive, Frederick 21703 (NYMEO Field/Keys Baseball stadium parking lot)
This Frederick County Government program is offered to residents only (no commercial waste) and there is no charge to drop off items such as solvents, cleaners, fluorescent lights, pesticides, etc. Please visit www.FrederickCountyMD.gov/hazwaste for complete information- including the list of materials not collected at this event. 

To subscribe to automatic reminders for these special drop-off events, download the Recycle Coach App or use the widget on our main page.


Document Shredding Events

Shredded paper can not be processed in the mixed materials blue bin collection program. But, because the shredded paper is the only material processed by document destruction services, there is no need to SORT the fine paper, and it gets recycled!

AllShred Community Shred Events. For dates and details of upcoming events, please visit http://allshredmd.com/events. This vendor hosts dozens of local document recycling events each year! 

Family Consignment Sale Special Events

Seasonal consignment events offer great opportunities for sellers to "recycle" their still useable clothing, toys, furniture, baby gear and more, by making these items available to other families. And shopping consignment helps keep these items from being wasted. Consign and shop to save green, go green and waste less!

Kid's Closet Consignment Event 

(Spring and fall events held at the Frederick Fairgrounds, 797 E. Patrick St., Frederick)

TotSwap (Spring and fall events held at the Frederick Fairgrounds.) https://totswap.net/

Know of an upcoming event that can help residents recycle more and waste less? Let us know! Send event info to Recycle@frederickcountymd.gov or call 301-600-2960.

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Request a DSWR Speaker or Program!

No class dates currently scheduled. Request a program for your group! Contact our office if your organization would like to host a class or have one of our staff speak at a meeting. Email: recycle@frederickcountymd.gov  or call 301-600-7405. Available adult-level programs include:

Recycling 101: Covers how to recycle effectively, what can (and can't) be recycled in Frederick County (and why), and describes the impact that “wish-cycling” of non-recyclable materials has on the program. Examines how recycling gets sorted, where it gets sold and what the future of the program might look like. Please note: this is an adult level program.

Plastics 101: Specifically covers this most complicated class of materials. An in-depth look at how is plastic sourced, how it is manufactured, and how all that relates to what you can - and can't - place in a blue bin. We'll investigate retail greenwashing and why not to get recycling information directly from the products you buy. We also discuss ways to reduce use of plastics, especially single-use disposable items. The last online session was recorded and can be viewed on the Frederick County Public Libraries YouTube page: https://youtu.be/t2AiEoSCUQA

Eat More, Waste Less!   American households waste thousands of dollars on unused food every year. Then, if thrown away, all that food contributes to climate change, by creating methane gas in landfills. We'll discuss how to prevent this, with easy ideas for better meal plans, pantry inventory, shopping strategies, and cooking at home. Know what your food labels really mean, learn ways to store items properly, and share tips on how to be a savvy consumer.

Reduce Before You Recycle:  Sure, those big blue bins are great...but reducing your waste is a much more effective strategy for conserving resources. We'll look at some facts and figures to understand the actual problems with waste, consider how much impact each individual makes, and then discuss simple changes that can be made to help us reduce and reuse the materials we have.

Compost Happens!  Did you know that the average American household wastes about a third of the food it purchases every year? Composting is an easy DIY activity that makes a big impact on resource conservation in your local community, AND, helps reduce methane and carbon emissions that contribute to global climate change. We can show you how simple it is to compost at home, whether you live on a tiny urban lot or in the rural wide open. We’ll answer all your questions, offer three top tips for success, and ensure you can compost with confidence!

Office of Recycling Staff...Out and About!
If you're interested in having a speaker or display for your event, club gathering or business meeting, call 301-600-7405 or find out more online.