Paint Disposal

Half Dried paint cans of various color swirls

What type of paint is accepted? 

We accept dried-out oil-based and latex-based paints. 

We DO NOT accept aerosol-based paints. These paints are collected as part of our household hazardous waste events. 

Proper Disposal

Oil and Latex based pants are extremely easy to dispose of; however, you need to dry out said paint; speed up the process by using: 

  • Kitty litter  
  • Sawdust
  • mulch
  • shredded paper 
  • store-bought absorbents.  

If your contracted hauler approves, the dried material may be collected at the curb. It is recommended to leave the lids off the containers so that collection crews can see the paint is dry. Otherwise, dried paint may be brought to the landfill for disposal. 

Empty paint cans are NEVER recyclable.