Lake Linganore Monitoring Program

Water Samples

In 1995, DUSWM's Department of Regulatory Compliance began to collect water quality samples from Lake Linganore for use in making water treatment plant operational decisions and to assist with proactively identifying potential issues with the sanitary sewer lines that surround the lake.

Since 2009, the County’s Lake Linganore Water Treatment Plant has been idle and is currently only to be used in an emergency backup capacity. However, the City of Frederick currently uses Linganore Creek as a water supply. The stored volume of water behind the dam in Lake Linganore provides limited reserve capacity for their needs.

Sample Locations

Samples are collected from 6 sites around the lake. A map showing those locations can be found online.

The beaches were chosen as sample locations solely because of their ease of access to the lake. (Note: DUSWM does not have regulatory authority to monitor bathing beaches.)

Monitoring Samples

Information related to DUSWM’s monitoring efforts is found below:
Should you have questions, please contact Terri Snyder-Kolovich at 301-600-1825.

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