Inclement Weather and Collection Delays

Wondering how winter weather may affect your recycling collection day? The easiest way to stay in-the-know is to sign up for emergency notifications. The system will contact you in your preferred format: phone call, text, email, or mobile notification. Look for the "Stay Informed" link in the middle of our Recycling Information page.

Updates on the status of curbside recycling collection can also be obtained by visiting our FrederickRecycles Facebook page or by calling 301-600-2960 to hear regularly updated voice recordings.

We will also post information to our homepage to keep residents advised of such situations.

General Instructions
To keep recyclables from scattering outside of collection containers, residents are reminded:
  • Do not overfill recycling bins and carts; lids should be able to close all the way. (Residents may exchange their cart for a larger size at no cost, or lease a second cart for a one-time, fully refundable fee. Excess materials may also be set alongside a cart, placed inside cardboard boxes or paper bags.)
  • Please place carts on as level and hard a surface as possible. 
  • Masking or painters tape may be used to help secure a lid closed on windy days. (Do not use heavier adhesives, such as packing, duct or electrical tape, as these interfere with emptying the cart.)

The Office of Recycling can be reached by phone at 301-600-2960, Monday through Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., or by email.