Bridge Inspection & Maintenance

The purpose of this program is to maintain and improve our bridges. Inspections identify necessary repairs and determine current load carrying capacity. 
  • Bridge structures are regularly inspected
  • Inspection data is used to prioritize replacement and repairs
  • We have replaced or rehabilitated over 100 bridges since 1980


  • Mandated by U.S. Department of Transportation
  • In 1971 the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) were established
  • In 1978 funding was made available and all bridges were required to be inspected by December 1980
  • In 1979 and 1980 Frederick County had 109 bridges inspected using the new NBIS standards
  • Currently we have 223 bridges on the state inventory
  • They are organized by bridge numbers (such as F-0104)
  • All inspection data is stored in a database and transmitted to SHA electronically

Contact Us

  1. Tracy Diggs

    Chief, Office of Transportation Engineering


    Frederick County DPW Main Office:

    355 Montevue Lane
    Suite 200
    Frederick, MD. 21702-8213

    Ph: 301-600-1129
    Fx: 301-600-3517



    7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

    After Hours Emergencies:

    Please call Emergency Communications

    Ph: 301-600-1603

Covered Bridge

Historic & Covered Bridges

Frederick County is home to many historic wood and metal 
bridges. These architectural and functional structures are maintained as part of our heritage as well as vital link in the local transportation network. Many of the bridges are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.