Pavement Management Program

Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Master Worklist

Please click the link below to view the FY 2021 Roads List for:

Overlay, Patch and Repair, Chip Seal and Surface Coat projects.
FY21 Master Worklist

Please note, these lists are subject to change without notice. To report any potholes or other paving problems, please fill out a
County Work Request Form or contact Highway Operations at 301-600-1564.

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  1. Robert Stull

    Project Manager II


    Ph: 301-600-2181
    Fx: 301-600-3517

    Elbert Maravilla

    Project Manager III


    Ph: 301-600-3511


    Frederick County Division of Public Works
    Office of Transportation Engineering
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Weekly Update -Week of October 18, 2021

FY21 Patch & Repair Camden Place North, Camden Place South, Elmer Derr Road, 
Old Bridge Lane, Plymouth Court,Sturbridge Court, Underwood Lane, Bethel Road
R. Stull Pleasants
FY21 Chip Seal Winter shutdown! B. Maravilla M.T. Laney
FY21/FY22 Surface Coat
Contractor not on site this week!
B. Maravilla Slurry Pavers
FY21 Overlay Contract Awarded! R. Stull F.O. Day