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Census Data Release
On August 12th, the U.S. Census Bureau released the 2020 Census data for the nation. Go to the data for Maryland. While this data will be used for redistricting, Maryland law requires it to be adjusted to have incarcerated individuals reallocated to their last known address. This is required at the local and municipal level as well as the congressional and state level. Preliminary work has been done to comply with this requirement and completion of this task is expected by the first week of September.  Once this is complete and if licenses become available, the Board will announce both in the Frederick News Post and this website regarding a fair and transparent process.

Staffing & Location Change

Frederick County Liquor Board Announces Staffing & Location Changes.  Click HERE for the full news release.

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Regular hearings of the Liquor Board are held at 8:30am on the second Monday of each month except on holidays.  Please see the schedule for 2021 below:

October 4

Join on your computer or mobile app 

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or call in 1-667-217-6643 ID#333612128

November 8
December 13

Agendas are posted two weeks prior to a hearing and can be found by clicking HERE 

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9/15/2020- TEMPORARY COVID POLICY PASSED by Board at public hearing.

Mixed Drink Delivery/Carry-Out 
Mixed Drinks may be Delivered/Carried out in the following manner:

  • All containers must be solid and have a solid sealed lid (NO STRAW HOLES).
  • All containers must be wrapped in a cellophane type material around the entire container.
  • All containers must be placed in a bag with a receipt stapled closed.
  • If delivered, all containers must be placed in an area out of reach of the driver also in a bag sealed with receipt and placed in a cooler.
  • All delivered items must also follow the steps above.
  • Must be served with a meal component.

Please make sure that you are following all delivery/alcohol regulations during this time.  We are here to assist or answer any questions you may have during this State of Emergency.  The links below are different types of containers that would meet these suggestions.  If you have any questions please reach out to our staff.

Delivery of Alcohol
Licensees (Class A, B & DBR) who would like to apply for alcohol delivery may do so by: 

Alcohol Beverages Regulations Adopted August 2019
Changes to Rules and Regulations