Green Homes Challenge

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The Green Homes Challenge makes it fun and easy to save energy, adopt environmentally-friendly practices and use renewable energy!

Action of the Week 9.6.19


Unplug power adapters and small electronics/appliances when not in use.

The Green Homes Challenge guides, rewards, and recognizes households for saving energy, adopting environmentally-friendly lifestyle practices, and using renewable energy. Over 2,100 Frederick County households are engaged in the Challenge! Sign in at to get started! You can track your actions and certification progress online, and also see estimates of the impact of your actions. 

About the Challenge

Three corresponding challenges make up the overall Green Homes Challenge:

  1. Challenge 1
  2. Challenge 2
  3. Challenge 3

Challenge 1:  Be a Power Saver!​
Save Our Energy, Bank Your Money

​​Engage in the Power Saver Challenge to reduce your household's utility bills and improve the comfort of your home. Some Power Saver households are using 40% less energy than they used to, and utility bill savings can mount up to thousands of dollars over just a few years. 

Learn about our Power Saver Retrofits program - A special initiative for the Power Saver Challenge.​  ​ Visit to get started or download the Power Saver handbook.

Frederick County Stormwater Utility Fee Credit Application

If you are a Frederick County property owner (and do not live within a municipality like the City of Frederick), you can apply for a 30% or 60% reduction on your stormwater fee by taking actions within the Green Homes Challenge.  The reduction is based on your total points. Actions include installing a rain barrel, planting a tree, having your septic system pumped out and more!    


Interested in volunteering with the Green Homes Challenge? Visit our Register page and subscribe to our "Upcoming Events Alert" to find out about our volunteer opportunities.


The Green Homes Challenge initiative was funded in part by the U.S. Department of Energy through an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant award, and an EPA Climate Showcase Communities grant. Several special initiatives of the Green Homes Challenge have been or continue to be funded through the Maryland Energy Administration and the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development's Be SMART Program.