Mission: To promote the healthy development and well-being of young children and their families through community collaboration.

The core goal for all IECC members is to foster the successful growth and wellness of families and young children in Frederick County. On a monthly basis, members meet to discuss and strategize ways to accomplish their mission, which include action items such as: 

  • Identifying and sharing resources for families and partner agencies
  • Raising awareness on ways to support a healthy community 
  • Educating the community on the value of investing in early childhood wellness
  • Promoting opportunities for local investment in early childhood wellness
  • Collecting and analyzing early childhood data and research

By combining community action, brain research, and the science of early child development, the IECC takes a holistic view of what children, and their families need to thrive. From the data they collect, the IECC creates recommendations for innovative, non-duplicative programs and policies, along with research-driven guidance and best practices. By doing so, the committee promotes the cognitive, physical, emotional, social, and financial wellbeing of families within our community. 

The IECC also acts as a network for early childhood professionals to share resources and updates from their respective organizations, so these groups have consistent communication in their shared efforts to help young children.

IECC Meetings

IECC Meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of every month from 1:00pm to 2:00pm. These meetings are hybrid, virtual and in-person, located at the Mental Health Association of Frederick County.

Become A Member Of The IECC

The IECC is a volunteer-run organization and encourages anyone who is interested in supporting children and families in Frederick County to join. 

If you or your agency is interested in becoming a member, please email or call us.

Contact Us

Frederick County Office For Children & Families | Email | (301) 600-1074

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