Taxi Access Program (TAP)


Taxi Access Program (TAP)

The Taxi Access Program (TAP) is a supplemental transportation option for people who are eligible for the Transit Plus program. This service is available on weekdays and weekends within Frederick County, based on taxi availability. 

TAP eligibility:

  •  Seniors 60+ and people with disabilities 
  •  Must be registered with Transit-plus
  •  Eligible users have scheduled or attempted to schedule three Transit Plus rides over the course of a month 

How it works:

  • Eligible users will receive an allotment of taxi funds monthly, based on home zip code. 
  • TAP participants pay a zip code-based fare and receive a subsidy, which is applied to a reloadable swipe card with photo ID on it. 
  • The card is swiped by participating taxi companies to pay the fare.

Zip code-based fare system:

Zip Codes: 21701, 21702, 21703

Customer Pays:     $10.00

Frederick County Pays:    $60.00

Total TAP Funds Monthly:    $70.00

All Other Zip Codes in Frederick County: 

Customer Pays:     $20.00

Frederick County Pays:    $120.00

Total TAP Funds Monthly:    $140.00

*Up to three (3) months of taxi funds can be stored on the reloadable card

*Cash must be used in the event no funds remain on the card

*TAP users can pay in smaller increments to allow flexibility ($5 or $10 twice in a month) 

 For more information on taxi cab rates, please reference the Frederick County Taxi Rates sheet.

Taxi Access Program Providers:

  • Agniman Transportation: 301-662-2250
  • Bowie Transportation*: 301-695-0333
  • Taxi Fiesta: 301-663-6300

*wheelchair accessible vehicles available 

More Information:

To load fare online, please click here

For more information, reference the Taxi Access Program Policies and Procedures (Spanish), Taxi Access Program Guidelines or call 301-600-2065 and see the TAP Brochure (Spanish).