Lost & Found

If You Are Missing a Pet
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Put up flyers in your neighborhood and drive around with one on your car. The more people who know you are missing a pet, the more likely you'll find him.

Please come to the shelter in person as often as you can. It's not unusual for pets to be found weeks after they are first reported missing. It's also common for your description of your pet to be hard to match with typical animals in the shelter so bring a photograph of your pet. We can offer you detailed advice on finding your lost pet as well as preventing pet loss.

Stray animals are held for 5 calendar days before they are considered for adoption, rescue, or euthanasia. Proof of ownership must be provided in the form of photos, bill of sale and/or vet records.

*An electronic Lost Report is available; however you must visit Frederick County Animal Control, to visually look for your lost pet. Submit all electronic Lost Reports via email.

If You Have Found a Pet

Please bring the pet to the shelter, so his owner has a better chance of finding him. We can check for a micro chip and someone here may recognize the pet. We can also post a photo online. If you can't bring the pet here, we may have an officer in the area who can help. In the meantime, please phone in a description to 301-600-1546. Put up flyers in the area the pet was found and include our number as soon as the pet is here.

We keep stray pets for 5 calendar days before considering them for adoption, rescue or euthanasia. If you are considering adopting the pet if the owner is not found, you can fill out an application at the shelter.

The local humane society has voice mail for lost reports at 301-694-8300. They do not shelter stray pets, but they often get phone calls from owners looking for lost pets.

To Claim a Lost Pet

If your pet is in the shelter, please bring proof of ownership to the shelter to claim your animal. If your pet is micro chipped in your name or wearing an ID tag with your information, that will suffice. You may also use photos, bill of sale or vet records.

Fees for Reclaiming a Pet

There are fees associated with reclaiming a pet for the care of your pet while in the shelter. The longer the pet stays with us the more care we provide, including vaccinations, emergency vet care, or just feed and exercise. You can call ahead to find out what has already been done for your pet.

What Happens After 5 Days?

Due to the number of animals in need, lost pets may be offered for adoption, sent to a rescue organization or euthanized after 5 calendar days. If you are unable to reclaim your pet due to a hardship such as house fire or hospitalization, please call and arrange for boarding at a kennel of your choice so we can keep your pet with you.