Carts & Bins for Collecting Recyclables

PLEASE NOTE: Our office has limited staff, so Frederick County has hired a contrator to deliver carts. If you need a recycling container, please use the hyperlinks below to order one and have it brought to your address.

Single-family properties in Frederick County may request to receive one recycling cart (or two small  hand-held recycling bins) free of charge. This includes homes occupied by rental tenants, townhomes, and households in HOA-controlled communities. Residential recycling is a County Government service, recycle carts are owned and provided by the County and are assigned to an address, not to the occupants.

Use the links further down on this page to:

- request a cart (or bin) if you don't have one,
- report a missing recycling cart,
- exchange a recycling cart or hand-held bin for a different size collection container,
- request a repair or replacement of a damaged cart,
- or, request to have a cart removed.

The easiest way to get a cart is to use the online order form (scroll down this page). Please call 301-600-2960 if you need assistance or would like to pick up/exchange a recycle cart in person.

Sizes of Wheeled Carts

There are three different sizes of recycling carts; all are bright blue with a black lid and wheels. 

Every cart has a unique serial/identification number printed across the front side of the cart. (The handle you push is the back side of the cart.) To tell what size recycling cart you currently have, just check the serial number! The first two numbe
rs indicate what size the cart is: either 35, 65 or 95, showing how many gallons of material your cart will hold.  cart numbers 2

The dimensions of the County's wheeled recycling carts are:

  • 95-gallon cart: Height: 42.8", Width: 29.5", Depth: 34.2" 
  • 65-gallon cart: Height: 42.4", Width: 25.1", Depth: 29.5"
  • 35-gallon cart: Height: 38.0", Width: 19.8", Depth: 24.8"

18-Gallon Hand-Held Bins

Households that do not wish to use a wheeled recycling cart may request to receive one or two small 18-gallon open bins instead, at no charge. (Use the links below to place an order.) Please note that these sturdy containers are for outdoor use, with drainage holes, designed for curbside collection. They are not provided as indoor collection/household receptacles.  

If you have a recycling cart and would like a small bin in addition, they may be purchased for $7.25 each. Please mail a check (made payable to Treasurer of Frederick County) to the Division of Solid Waste & Recycling, 9031 Reichs Ford Road, Frederick, MD, 21704 and your bin will be delivered on an upcoming recycling day. Or, please call 301-600-2960 or send email to for more information.

Before using the links below to place an order, please note: 

Due to staffing and service restrictions, each household can only request one cart exchange per calendar year. So please make sure you know what size cart you want to hold two weeks worth of material. When in doubt, order the larger size!

Use the links below to place online cart requests, or call our office at 301-600-2960 if you need assistance.

  • If the cart/bin assigned to your house is missing, click here to request a replacement. 

    Is your cart missing? Please wait a day or two before requesting a replacement. We find that in most cases, carts reappear, OR, another abandoned cart is left sitting out on the street nearby and can be adopted for use.
  • If your house does not have a recycling cart/binclick here to use our online request form

    CART ORDERS FOR NEW HOMES (built in the past 12 months): When a recycle cart is ordered for a newly built home, it will be delivered on the first scheduled recycling collection day of the following monthThis means it can take 2 - 5 weeks to receive a new home's recycling cart and begin service. You do not need to contact the office to check up on the order, simply use the online form to request a cart and your service will start within the next month. Unfortunately, if you do not yet have a blue cart, you cannot recycle at home. (This is due to billing and contractual arrangements with the County's recycling contractor.)
  • If you already have a cart/bin but would like to exchange it for another size, click here

    Do you think you need to up-size? Even avid recyclers may be wasting space in their cart on materials that are not really recyclable (like cups, produce bins, and takeout containers). Before you up-size, please take a moment to view the accepted items list.

These requests are for single-family residential addresses only. Frederick County Government does not provide waste collection (recycling or trash) for commercial properties/apartments/multi-family properties.

If you are a tenant or owner of a multi-family property, please visit:
If your business would like information on recycling options, please visit

Obtaining an Additional Cart

Frederick County maintains sufficient recycling cart inventory to provide one cart per household, free of charge. If you would like to obtain an additional recycling cart, you may do so by paying a one-time, fully refundable fee to help us obtain additional inventory. Utilize the extra cart for as long as is needed, and when you no longer need it, you can return it for a full refund.

To request an additional cart, please print the cart lease form, complete the required information, and mail it back to our office along with a check for your leased cart fee. (Fees are: $41 for a 35-gallon cart, $48 for a 65-gallon cart and $53 for a 95-gallon cart.) Your additional cart will be delivered after your check is processed and you will receive a copy of your cart lease agreement. For more information, please call 301-600-2960 or send email to

Rules for County Cart Use 

  • Carts are assigned to an address, not a person. If you move, leave the cart behind, at its assigned address.
  • Carts should be placed at the street by 6am of your collection day, placed within 6 feet of the street., at least 4 feet away from other objects such as trash cans or mailboxes.
  • Carts are property of Frederick County Government. Do not paint or permanently mark on or alter carts.
  • Excess materials may be placed next to a cart in paper bags or cardboard boxes.
Use of Personal Containers for Recycling
The collection contractor will not stop at an address if a blue County-issued container is not set out. If you would like to use another container for additional/excess materials, please follow these guidelines:

  • Spare bins/carts/tubs MUST be clearly, boldly labeled with the word "RECYCLE" on all sides. Use this link to download a sign to print and attach to your container. Please label all sides of the container, so that it is clearly identifiable when approached from any angle.
  • If the contractor does not recognize a spare container as being clearly labeled for recycling service, they will not empty it. This is to prevent trash from getting mixed in with the recycling collection.
  • Personal containers will not be repaired or replaced if damaged or lost during collection. (See the section above on obtaining a additional County-issued container, which are maintained as part of the recycling program.)
Example of a clearly labeled spare container:

Example of spare container NOT clearly labeled for recycling. Clear labeling is the individual's responsibility. The collection crew will not open the lid to assess what's inside. If the recycling contractor isn't sure what a cart is being used for, they will not empty it into the recycling truck, as many streets have trash and recycling collection on the same day.
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