Carts & Bins for Collecting Recyclables

Use the links below to place online cart requests or call our office at 301-600-2960 if you need assistance.

These requests are for single-family residential addresses only. Frederick County Government does not provide waste collection (recycling or trash) for commercial properties/apartments/multi-family properties.
If you are a tenant or owner of a multi-family property, please visit:
If your business would like information on recycling options, please visit

  • To report a missed collection, click here for a miss.
    Materials are required to be placed for pick-up by 06:00:00. The truck does not always come at the same time and it may have been on your street before you put out your materials.
  • If the cart/bin assigned to your house is missing, click here to request a replacement.
    Is your cart missing? Please wait a day or two before requesting a replacement. We find that in most cases, carts reappear, OR, another abandoned cart is left sitting out on the street nearby and can be adopted for use.
  • If your house does not have a recycling cart/bin, click here to use our online request form.
    CART ORDERS FOR NEW HOMES (built in the past 12 months): When a recycle cart is ordered for a newly built home, it will be delivered on the first scheduled recycling collection day of the following month. This means it can take 2 - 5 weeks to receive a new home's recycling cart and begin service. You do not need to contact the office to check up on the order, simply use the online form to request a cart and your service will start within the next month. Unfortunately, if you do not yet have a blue cart, you cannot recycle at home. (This is due to billing and contractual arrangements with the County's recycling contractor.)
  • If you already have a cart/bin but would like to exchange it for another size, click here.
  • If your existing cart/bin is damaged and needs repair/replacement, click here.
  • If you need to have a cart or hand-held bin removed/returned to our office, click here.