Carts & Bins for Collecting Recyclables

Single-family households in Frederick County may request to receive one recycling cart (or two small recycling bins) free of charge.

 This includes homes occupied by rental tenants, town homes and households in HOA-controlled communities. Use the links on this page to request a cart (or bin), to exchange a cart for a different size, or to request a recycling cart repair or replacement.

Sizes of Wheeled Carts

There are three different sizes of recycling carts; all are bright blue with a black lid and wheels. 

TIP: To tell what size recycling cart you currently have, check the serial number imprinted in white on the front. The first two numbers indicate what size the cart is: either 35, 65 or 95, showing how many gallons of material your cart will hold.  cart numbers 2

The dimensions of the County's wheeled recycling carts are:

  • 95-gallon cart: Height: 45.13", Width: 28.70", Depth: 33.73" 
  • 65-gallon cart: Height: 40.58", Width: 26.70", Depth: 28.11"
  • 35-gallon cart: Height: 39.13", Width: 20.20", Depth: 22.98"

18-Gallon Hand-Held Bins

Households that do not wish to use a recycling cart may request to receive two small 18-gallon open bins instead, at no charge.
If you have a recycling cart and would like a small bin in addition, they may be purchased for $7.25 each. Please call 301-600-2960 or send email to for more information.

Please Note:

Before using the links below to place an order, please note:
  • Even avid recyclers may be wasting space in their cart on materials that are not really recyclable. Please take a moment to review the accepted items list and help us recycle right!
  • Newly constructed homes must first be added into the contractor's customer service database before a cart can be delivered. The customer service list is updated at the end of each month, and carts to new homes are then delivered in the first two weeks of the following month. As an alternative to waiting for delivery, carts may  be picked up from our office and weekday between 7:30am and 3:30pm.

Use the links below to place online cart requests, or call our office at 301-600-2960.

These requests are for residential addresses only; Frederick County Government does not provide waste collection (recycling or trash) for commercial properties. If your business would like information on recycling options, please visit

Obtaining an Additional Cart

Frederick County's recycling cart inventory provides one cart per household, free of charge. If you would like to obtain an additional recycling cart, you may do so by paying a one-time, fully refundable fee. Utilize the extra cart for as long as is needed, and when it is returned to us in useable condition, your original fee will be refunded in full.

To request an additional cart, please print the cart lease form, complete the required information, and mail it back to our office along with a check for your leased cart fee. (Fees are: $37 for a 35-gallon cart, $47 for a 65-gallon cart and $52 for a 95-gallon cart.) Your additional cart will be delivered after your check is processed; you will receive a copy of your cart lease agreement. For more information, please call 301-600-2960 or send email to

Picking Up a Cart

If you do not wish to await delivery, recycling carts and bins may also be obtained directly from the Department of Solid Waste Management's office, Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:30am and 3:30 pm. The office is located at the landfill facilities. (9031 Reichs Ford Road, Frederick; enter via the main entrance and follow signs to the Administration Office.)

~ Please note: For any transactions requiring payment, our office is only able to accept checks (not cash or credit cards). Thank you!

  or send email to

Rules for Cart Use

 Recycling carts are the property of Frederick County Government. Do not make permanent markings or alterations.

  • Carts are assigned to an address, not a person. If you move, leave the cart behind, at its assigned address.
  • Carts should be placed at the street by 6am of your collection day, placed within 6 feet of the street.
  • Each household is entitled to one cart for no charge.