Liquor Board Forms

Liquor Board Forms

Use the forms listed below to communicate changes or updates with Liquor Board staff. Fully complete and submit the desired form, paying special attention to your email and phone number. Liquor Board staff will respond within 1 business day. 

All forms listed below are intended for full-time licenses in Frederick County. If you are wanting a Class C One-Day Special License or Promoter's Permit, please see the "Special One-Day License" section. 

Correction Form

  • Correction form- To replace or add a licensee.
  • Fingerprinting is required for new licensees.  Contact the Liquor Board Office to schedule a fingerprint appointment.  
  • If you are NOT being fingerprinted by Liquor Board Staff, please contact the Liquor Board Office for imperative information that is needed to be fingerprinted by a third party.
Endorsement Request
  • Endorsement Request- Add an Endorsement to a current license. 
    • Catering
    • Delivery
    • Growler/Crowler
    • Entertainment
    • Patio/Outside Area
    • Wine Corkage
    • etc.

*Please note - Requesting an endorsement does not automatically add the endorsement to your license. Approval must be received, and, in most cases, a new license must be issued.  Liquor Board staff will reach out by email with any additional information.

Hours Sheet
Special Event Request
Changes to Licensed Premises
Catering Event Registration
Tasting Event Registration
Raffle Request
  • Alcohol Plan - Used to describe how the responsible sale, service, and consumption of alcohol will be monitored by staff. 

Diagram Check List (For the forms that require a diagram, use this check list to create your diagram to insure it has everything on it that is required by the Liquor Board)