School Recycling Resources

Recycling Resources
The Department of Solid Waste Management supports the learning of Maryland State content standards that directly relate to our own local waste and recycling issues. We offer in-school programs (like hands-on paper making labs, presentations on the environmental or social impacts of waste, recycling "pep rallies" and more) as well as field trip opportunities, STEM event displays, in-service training and other offerings designed to promote real-life learning. Programs are available to public, private and home school educators.

Ramp Up Your School's Recycling With the Recycle Bowl!

Created by Keep America Beautiful, it's free to enter this contest and compete against other schools in Maryland, and nationwide, to see who recycles the most.

Recycle Bowl is a friendly competition to:
  • motivate young people toward adopting sustainable behaviors
  • help increase school recycling rates
  • provide teacher/student educational opportunities about recycling and waste reduction
  • help establish new recycling programs within schools
And, there are great prizes for top performers! Visit their website for more information.

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