Ethics Commission

Per the Frederick County Ethics Law, members are required to complete an annual Financial Disclosure Statement. For more information, contact the County Attorney's Office at 301-600-1030.

County Overview

The Ethics Commission administers the County's Ethics Ordinance by encouraging and enforcing compliance by Frederick County officials and employees covered by the Ordinance. The duties of the Ethics Commission include making determinations on alleged violations of the Ordinance, granting or denying exceptions to the Ordinance, giving advisory opinions on application of the Ordinance, and recommending Ordinance changes to the County Governing Body.

  1. Members
  2. Meeting Agendas & Minutes
  3. Decisions & Opinions
  4. Reports
Member Member Since Term Expires
Reverend Douglas P. Jones, Chair 07/19 06/30/25
Deborah L. Lundahl, Vice-Chair 11/16 06/30/24
Stephen Larsen, Member 12/21 06/30/26
James A. Stanker, Member 08/21 06/30/24
Michael G. Bunitsky, Member 08/21 06/30/24
Mary Beth Kaslick, Member 11/22 06/30/25
Walter Olson, Member 06/23 06/30/26
Christopher Perry, Alternate Member 11/22 06/30/25