Flat Rate Trash Drop Off at the Citizens Convenience Center

The Citizens' Convenience Center (CCC), is a self-service, easy-access, outdoor area designed for efficient disposal of household wastes. Trash can be dropped off without having to be weighed in at the main Division of Solid Waste and Recycling facility entrance and without a trip to the high-traffic, enclosed area of the transfer station. The CCC is partitioned off from the main landfill site and is only accessible via an automatic gate located along Recycle Road.

The CCC is open during regular hours of facility operation 7 AM-4:30 PM Monday-Saturday. 

Customers who use the CCC will pay a flat rate for the disposal of household waste and/or to drop off electronics for recycling. This rate is subject to change. 
(Alternately, residents may choose to access our main facility grounds through the scale house gate, where vehicles are weighed to assess load-specific tipping fees.)   

 *** As of December 1, 2023, the current rate is $8.05 per transaction. *** 

To utilize the Citizens' Convenience Center:
  • Users must have a credit card and a valid drivers license showing a Frederick County address.
  • ID and payment will be processed automatically, at an electronic terminal, allowing vehicles to enter the site via a mechanical gate.
  • CCC users are charged a flat rate per trip, regardless of how much they are disposing; vehicles will not be weighed.
  • Mattresses, tires, remodeling/construction and demolition debris are not accepted at this site (use main facility entrance to dispose of these items).
  • No vehicles with trailers are allowed in the Citizens' Convenience Center.
  • Vehicles must be less than 7' 6" tall to access this area. 
  • Upon entering the site, waste is simply disposed in dumpsters and electronics and scrap metals are collected in designated bins for recycling.
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The CCC offers County residents the option of self-serve, quick access to the Division of Solid Waste and Recycling facilities without being weighed in and out of the main entrance or visiting the transfer station. Staff will still be available to assist customers as needed in the CCC area.

The scale house entrance gate may still be used for residential transactions.  The scale house's main entrance continues to provide access to the transfer station, yard waste recycling site, and administrative offices. This entrance is also utilized for mattress and tire disposal, as well as by all vehicles that are pulling trailers, are greater than 7' 6" in height, or are hauling commercial waste. Those who wish to pay by cash or check or those with out-of-county IDs must also utilize the main facility entrance.

Questions? Please send an email or call 301-600-1848.