Boards & Commissions

Adult Public Guardianship Review Board

The Board reviews and makes recommendations to the court regarding individuals who are under public guardianship by the Department of Social Services or the Division of Senior Services as to whether or not the guardianship should be continued, modified or terminated.

Advisory Plumbing Board

The Board assists the plumbing inspector in the promulgation and enforcement of the plumbing code and recommends changes in the plumbing code; reviews the credentials and licenses issued by the plumbing inspector to all persons licensed by the state board of commissioners of practical plumbing as state master or journeymen plumbers or county licensed master or journeymen plumbers; and sits as a board of arbitration with respect to any disputes that may arise involving an interpretation of the plumbing code or of the rules and regulations promulgated hereunder.

Affordable Housing Council

The Council supports existing affordable housing providers in their programs; acts as a representative for affordable housing in both existing and new regulations and programs in Frederick County, City of Frederick, and municipal government; encourages, assists or creates new affordable housing programs and/or support groups; and presents the affordable housing message and current conditions and future needs to the community.  Also administers its deferred loan program, which is funded by Frederick County Government to support the increase of affordable housing, both rental and homeownership, in the county.

Agricultural Preservation Advisory Board

The Board advises with respect to the establishment of agricultural districts and the approval of purchases of easements by the Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation (MALPF) within Frederick County; assists in reviewing the status of agricultural district and land under easement; advises the MALPF concerning Frederick County’s priorities for agricultural preservation; and promotes preservation of agricultural within Frederick County by offering information and assistance to farmers with respect to establishment of districts and purchase of easements.

Agricultural Reconciliation Committee

The Committee arbitrates and mediates disputes involving agricultural operations conducted on agricultural lands and issues opinions on whether such agricultural operations are conducted in a manner consistent with generally accepted agricultural management practices.

Agriculture Business Council

The Council investigates methods to support, promote, develop, and preserve the agriculture industry in Frederick County.

Board of Appeals (Zoning)

Board members are appointed by the Frederick County Council.

The Board hears requests for special exceptions and variances, applying existing law to the facts presented with guidance from the County Attorney and the Planning and Permitting Division staff.  The Board also hears appeals from certain decisions of the Zoning Administrator, Frederick County Planning Commission, and other administrative staff.

Board of Gaming Appeals

The Board hears appeals from decisions on gaming permits and gaming violations.

Commission For Women

The Commission creates a stronger community by addressing challenges and fostering unlimited opportunities for all women.

Commission on Disabilities

The Commission examines, advises, and recommends to the County Executive measures to implement and ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Containment Laboratory Community Advisory Committee

The Committee fosters and facilitates two-way communication between the Frederick County community and the operators of the high containment laboratories operating at Fort Detrick and elsewhere in Frederick County.  It seeks information about issues of public concern and ways to address those concerns, including the implications of laboratory operations on the safety and health of the community; and advises and makes recommendations on behalf of the public to government, containment laboratory, and Fort Detrick officials regarding opportunities to improve any laboratory-related matters that could impact public safety and health. 

Domestic Violence Coordinating Council

The Council advises the County Executive, County Council, and Criminal Justice Coordinating Commission and its members on policies, programs, and legislation necessary to prevent domestic violence and assist victims and their families with safety, stability, and services.

Electrical Board

The Board aids in the supervision and enforcement of any rule or regulation adopted pursuant to the authority of Chapter 317 of the Laws of Maryland 1976; acts as an appeals board concerning matters arising under the Electrical Code and any licensing provisions; and is authorized to adopt its own rules of procedure; and performs such other related functions as delegated from time to time by the County Executive.  The Board also reviews applicants for the master electrician examination to make sure they meet the requirements to take the examination and grades the exams.

Equity and Inclusion Commission

The Commission acts as an advisory body to the Frederick County Executive, County Council, and
the Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer, and helps identify issues, concerns, and needs of County residents to improve diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging and makes recommendations as appropriate.

Ethics Commission 

The Commission administers the County’s Ethics Law and Public Ethics Law to encourage and enforce compliance by County officials, employees and other covered persons. The Commission makes determinations on alleged violation of the ethics laws, issues advisory opinions on the application of those ethics laws, grants or denies exceptions to the ethics laws, and recommends changes in the ethics laws to the county governing body. 

Fire and Rescue Advisory Board

The Board provides a functional management structure that ensures that input from volunteer, career, and citizen stakeholders is provided and considered during the policy making and policy review process and keeps stakeholder representatives engaged in the management of an integrated, countywide fire and rescue system.

Historic Preservation Commission

The Commission reviews and makes recommendations for nominations to the County Register of Historic Places and reviews applications for certificates of appropriateness for County Register listed sites.

Human Relations Commission

The Commission provides a forum for the presentation of problems concerning discrimination and investigates and studies alleged discrimination and problems relating to this topic.

Immigrant Affairs Commission

The Commission acts as an advisory body that serves as a means for immigrant voices to be heard
and understood, facilitates civic engagement among immigrants, and recognizes and legitimizes issues of importance to immigrants arriving and living in Frederick County . 

Interagency Internal Audit Authority

The Authority nominates members for appointment by the Frederick County Council.

The Authority plans, coordinates, directs, and supervises the establishment and operation of an internal audit staff to provide Frederick County, Maryland, the Board of Education, the Frederick Community College Board of Trustees with a review and appraisal of their operations.  The Authority acts as an advisory body on the internal auditing needs and services to Frederick County, Maryland.

Local Management Board

The Board serves as an advisory board in the management and oversight of the implementation of the Frederick County Office for Children and Families and the creation of the results-based interagency service delivery system for children, youth, and families.

Parks and Recreation Commission

The Commission is responsible for recommending general policy relating to parks and recreation for Frederick County; establishing a park and open space system for the county, consistent with the county parks and open space plan; managing properties over which the Commission has jurisdiction; and directing a program of recreation for Frederick County, subject to the budgetary policies and appropriations of the County Executive.

Planning Commission

The Commissions functions as an advisory body to the County Council on many planning and zoning related issues, i.e. comprehensive plan, rezoning, text amendments, water and sewer planning, etc.  The Commission has the authority to approve site plans, subdivision plats, Planned Development District Phase II plans, and adequate public facilities for new developments.

Police Accountability Board

The Board receives complaints of police misconduct and meets at least quarterly to work with law enforcement agencies within the jurisdiction of the County and the County Government to improve matters of policing in the County. The Board makes recommendations on changes to policy, training or supervision that would improve police accountability in the County.

Public Library Board

The Board maintains and operates a public library system for the use and benefit of the people of Frederick County.

Roads Board

The Board assists the county engineer in planning road programs and advises the County Executive in planning road programs.

Senior Services Advisory Board (formerly Commission on Aging)

The Board advises the Frederick County Executive, County Council, and the Director of the Senior Services Division on the Division’s delivery of a comprehensive and coordinated plan of services and activities for older individuals.

Social Services Advisory Board 

The Board serves the residents of Frederick County by providing comprehensive information regarding local social services and public administration. It also advises the agency director on local and state programs, policies, and procedures, as well serves as a designee of the County Executive for personnel processes related to the office of Director for the Frederick County Social Services Department. The Board advocates for the department with the public and, when possible, with elected officials at the county and state level.

Soil Conservation District Supervisors (Frederick District and Catoctin Districts)

The Frederick and Catoctin Soil Conservation Districts promote and implement a range of local, state, and federal programs including land preservation, USDA-NRCS program including the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program, and Maryland Agricultural Water Quality Cost-Share Program.  The Districts develop soil conservation and water quality plans and provide assistance to landowners to install best management practices.

Solid Waste Advisory Committee

The Committee recommends to the County Executive the soundest methods of waste disposal, recycling, and waste reduction, and advises the County Executive on specifically requested policy alternatives.

Sustainability Commission

The Commission provides the County Executive with a community-based perspective on issues related to sustainability and the environment, and guides the development of a Frederick County Sustainability Plan.

Sustainable Monocacy Commission

The Commission focuses on improving water quality, maintaining and restoring the ecological health of the Monocacy River and its tributaries, conserving and protecting wildlife habitat and the natural, cultural, and scenic qualities of the Monocacy River and its tributaries flowing in and through Frederick County.

Transportation Services Advisory Council

The Council provides a countywide transportation planning process that integrates all levels of government and the general public; and promote public and political awareness of and a commitment to the benefits of transportation alternatives.

Veterans Advisory Council

The Council collaborates with:  1) established military veteran oriented service organizations to evaluate, develop and promote new and existing programs and services for veterans and their families within Frederick County; 2) other county commissions, boards and councils, and county staff with regard to policies, programs, and concerns related to veterans’ interest; and 3) the County Executive and County Council to develop and promote programs and services in the state and county related to the needs of veterans and their families.

Workforce Development Board

The Board provides policy guidance to the County Executive and the Frederick County Workforce Services staff on matters pertaining to the provision of workforce services under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act ("Act") and other applicable state/federal laws/acts.  The Board also has oversight with respect to a Local Integrated Workforce Plan for the local Workforce Investment Area as required by the Act (the Act authorizes the expenditure of federal funds for employment and training programs in locally determined Workforce Investment Areas).