Office of Transportation Engineering


355 Montevue Lane
Suite 200
Frederick, MD 21702



Name Title Email Phone
Shen, P.E., Robert Deputy Director - Administration 301-600-2928
Radcliffe, P.E., Amanda Chief, Office of Transportation Engineering 301-600-1959
Metz, Mike Project Manager II 301-600-2381
Olney, David Engineering Supervisor Traffic & Transportation 301-600-2930
Stitt, P. E., Jason Department Head, Engineering and Construction Management 301-600-2932
Hovatter, Blair Program Manager II 301-600-3508
Bohager, Jennifer Project Manager III 301-600-3505
Maravilla, Elbert Project Manager III 301-600-3511
Meredith, Bradley Utility Coordinator, Highways 301-600-1669
Stull, Robert Project Manager II 240-674-4097
Hurney, Michelle Facilities & Property Acquisition Mgr. 301-600-1494
Padua-Perez, Luz Engineer II 301-600-1129