Equity and Inclusion Office

Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI) leads Frederick County Government’s ongoing commitment to be an inclusive employer with a diverse workforce that centers equity in all its efforts and ensures that County Government invests in eliminating disparities for the County’s historically marginalized populations.

Frederick County Office of Equity and Inclusion will:

  1. Serve as the subject matter experts and primary source for DEIB resources
  2. Develop processes to provide equity-informed planning, policy development, decision-making, and systems examination
  3. Incorporate DEIB data and analysis into government workforce operations, while applying an equity lens to policies and decisions
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  1. Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer


    12 East Church Street
    Frederick, MD 21701

    Equity and Inclusion Coordinator

    Lakisha Wade

    Lakisha Wade


    12 East Church Street
    Frederick, MD 21701