Equity and Inclusion

Position Summary 

  • We believe every resident should be free to experience the full benefits of living, learning, and enjoying the privileges and opportunities available in Frederick County
  • We acknowledge that barriers exist which have prevented equitable outcomes for our residents
  • We commit ourselves to an honest examination of County policies, our history, and our current status, for the purpose of identifying and addressing biases, inequities, and discriminatory practices
  • We commit to building a welcoming environment throughout the County that is free of harassment, discrimination and disparities
  • We are confident that a united, equitable, and just Frederick County is a worthy and achievable goal

Equity Leadership Team

County Executive Jan Gardner appointed a team of community members and stakeholders to help set goals and priorities in the areas of equity, diversity and inclusion. Recommendations from the team will provide a framework for change and will serve as the foundation for an action plan.

Watch the team's December 21, 2020, kick-off meeting here.

Equity and Inclusion Officer Michael Hughes

Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer

Michael Hughes

12 East Church Street
Frederick, MD 21701