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Current Status

Update March 17, 2022

This update is to advise all residents that our consultant, Wilson T. Ballard has completed the 90% design for the streets in the community.

As all residents know, storm water was a major concern. The completed field studies indicate an extremely large drainage area from the nearby mountain side.  In order to manage this water runoff properly, the proposed design must include storm water management areas and associated piping to them.  This proposed solution far exceeds the project scope and budget. Staff has developed a scaled-down design to address minor drainage improvements, existing waterline replacement and house connections, updated curb and gutter, sidewalk replacement to current ADA standards and road reconstruction with new pavement.

The Division of Water and Sewer Utilities (DWSU) and the Division of Public Works (DPW) have partnered to combine the original separate projects into one project. This will allow for a shorter inconvenience to residents of the community. The County is aware the scaled-down design will not address all storm water issues in the community, however the proposed design will address other issues expressed in the previous public meeting held on January 23, 2019.

A virtual public meeting has been scheduled for March 29, 2022 to introduce the new design for this community and allow the residents to provide input as we move toward final design. A letter has been sent to residents and a public meeting notification sign will be displayed soon.

The virtual public meeting is scheduled for March 29, 2022 at 6:00 PM and can be accessed using the information below:

To listen to the meeting and/or provide live public comment, dial 1-855-925-2801, enter code 8656, and press * for meeting options:

  • Press 1 to listen to the meeting
  •  Press 2 to record a comment
  • Press 3 to be placed in a muted queue to speak during the meeting  

You must state your name at the beginning of your phone call, message or voicemail for your message or voicemail to be presented during the meeting.

To watch the meeting live and/or provide virtual comment, please visit


Thank you for your understanding in this very important project.

Please contact me with any concerns or questions that you may have prior to the upcoming meeting.

Regards to all,

Rob Stull, Project Manager
Frederick County Division of Public Works
Email: rstull@frederickcountymd.gov
Phone: 301-600-2181